Financial Information for Q3 2017

LBI has published its Management Account for Q3 2017 on its website under https://www.lbi.is/financial-info

LBI will host an investor call on Thursday 30 August 2017 at 14:00 GMT (15:00 London time, 10:00 New York time) and go through a presentation available on this website. Participants can use the dial-in using the instructions below. The investor call will be recorded and subsequently made available on LBI’s website for those unable to attend.

The dial into the meeting will be hosted using the Cisco WebEx conferencing system, allowing participants to use either dial-in number or to participate in the meeting online.

Please note that the following event code is required to join the call:

Event Code: 848 577 378

(When asked for a participant ID, please dial #)

Dial-in numbers

  • United Kingdom: 0800-051-3810 toll-free, +44-203-478-5289
  • United States:1-855-299-5224 toll-free, +1 631 267 4890
  • Iceland: 800-9381
  • Spain: 900-93-7920 toll-free, +34 91791 1283
  • Switzerland:0800-894627 toll-free, +41 43456 9564
  • Italy:800-870552 toll-free, +39 0230410 440
  • Germany:0800-187-3683 toll-free, +49-(0)6925511-4400

For parties interested in participating in the call online, please use the following link which will install WebEx, if required, on the attendance PC. https://sensa.webex.com/sensa/onstage/g.php?MTID=ecfb54931513f4d288a0004c1852ca9b9


(In the event an event password is required please use “5566”)

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