Landsbanki Íslands becomes LBI hf.

As of 3 January 2013, the name of Landsbanki Islands hf. has been changed and is hereafter LBI hf.

The Winding-up Board iterates that this is not an assignment of any form and no other change has been made concerning the company, its statutory position, governance or nature of operations. LBI hf. (formerly Landsbanki Islands hf.) continues to be in winding-up proceedings under the provisions of Act No. 161/2002 on Financial Undertakings in accordance with the decision of the Reykjavik District Court and governed by the Winding-up Board as provided for by law. Consequently all existing business relationships, contracts, payment instructions and other rights and obligations related to the company or its winding-up proceedings are, and remain, unaltered.

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