Extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of LBI ehf. - 17 May 2019

The Extraordinary general meeting of LBI ehf., reg. no. 540291-2259, will be held at Ármúli 21 in Reykjavik, on 17 May 2019. The meeting will commence at 1.00 PM.


  1. Motion to bring actions against former CEOs of Landsbanki Íslands hf. (now LBI ehf.) and insurers to obtain compensation for lending to Straumur-Burðarás Investment Bank hf. in October 2008. Claims for the same events were previously brought in cases that were dismissed by the Reykjavik District Court near the end of 2018.
  2. Other matters.

The meeting is convened and held in accordance with the Articles of Association of LBI ehf. and the relevant provisions of the Act on Private Limited Companies No. 138/1994. Proposals to the meeting shall be presented to LBI ehf. no later than one week before the meeting commences.

Further information on the agenda items and proposals will be available for inspection by shareholders at LBI’s offices or its website one week in advance of the meeting.

Ballots and other documents will be available at the place of the meeting on the day of the meeting.

Reykjavik, 9 May 2019

on behalf of the Board of Directors of LBI ehf.

Ársæll Hafsteinsson, CEO

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