Privacy Policy

Visitors to this website

This document seeks to inform you how LBI ehf. (formerly Landsbanki Íslands hf.) uses the personal information visitors leave when they visit this website. When visitors access this website they leave an electronic trail which enables LBI to identify the number of people who visit this website, their visitors’ IP addresses, the website they have viewed before this website, the pages they have looked at on this website and the ways this website has been used by them. In order to ensure that such visitor information remains confidential, LBI has in place a Privacy Policy.


IP addresses and Cookies

LBI receives IP addresses as they are provided by an internet service provider or the visitor himself. IP addresses can and may be linked to a person. LBI does not process the collected IP addresses in order to create links to such persons. The IP addresses are, however, an essential part of acquiring anonymous statistical information. LBI does not pass on or sell any identifiable information in relation to IP addresses to third parties.

An electronic trail is created when a visitor accesses this website. This website uses cookies, or small text files stored on the visitor’s computer, to track visitors which may or may not share an IP address. These internet cookies are received from the visitor’s web browser and contain no identifiable personal information about visitors and are used solely to gather anonymous traffic statistics. The information gathered in this way is never passed on or sold to third parties.


Use and purpose of personal information

LBI uses the information solely to facilitate operational procedures and to create statistics, which together enable LBI to improve the functionality of this website.

Information from which visitors can be identified is only gathered in cases where the information is required for a particular purpose. E-mail addresses are collected and used only for the purpose in which they are given, (for example when visitors subscribe to our mailing list or place an inquiry). The length of time LBI stores the information depends on the nature of the visitor’s request.


Passing on personal information

In compliance with Data Protection legislation, (Act No. 77/2000 as amended on the Protection of Privacy as regards the Processing of Personal Data) LBI and its employees are bound by confidentiality regarding personal information and may not pass on or use such information about visitors of this website except with the consent of the visitor or as required or permitted by law or regulation.

LBI may pass on ordinary customer information, such as the visitor’s name and address, to other units within LBI without the visitor’s consent, in order to facilitate the processing of visitor inquiries more efficiently. The other LBI units that receive this personal information are also subject to the obligation of confidentiality under the Data Protection legislation. Should LBI’s stored data about visitors prove to be incorrect, LBI will take steps to correct it immediately after the error has been identified.