New information available on LBI’s website

In line with changes in the operational status of LBI, all historical and future financial information published by LBI will be available on its public website, www.lbi.is. The website will also become the Bondholder Website as defined in the composition documents and the terms and conditions for the EUR 2,041,382,201 Convertible Note due 2035. Future notices regarding the Convertible Note, including payment notifications, will be published on the public website, www.lbi.is.

A new section on the public site, “Financial Information” contains quarterly financial information for LBI. A new “Documents” section of the website furthermore provides key documents concerning LBI, including Articles of Association, T&C's for the Convertible Note, Transfer Regulations and transfer forms.

LBI’s public website is currently being updated, and an improved version will be launched soon.

LBI’s managements is of the view that this change will improve transparency and access to information for all stakeholders, including both existing and prospective investors.

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